Fisher & Paykel Nova Micro | Nasal pillow mask (Fitpack) | NVP1SMLU | CPAP Mask

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Type: Nostril mask

FP Nova Micro: The nasal pillow mask of choice for restorative sleep

The FP Nova Micro is the ideal solution for those seeking an effective and comfortable sleep apnea treatment experience. This revolutionary nasal pillow mask combines technological innovation and ergonomic design to offer you an unparalleled night’s sleep.

Key Features:

Compact and Discreet Design: The FP Nova Micro stands out with its slim and lightweight profile. Its compact design allows for unparalleled freedom of movement while ensuring stable and comfortable support throughout the night.

Exceptional Comfort: Made with ultra-soft and hypoallergenic materials, this nasal pillow mask gently adapts to your skin. The flexible silicone cushions perfectly fit the shape of your nose, minimizing pressure points and irritation.

Quiet and Efficient: Equipped with advanced ventilation technology, the FP Nova Micro distributes air evenly and quietly. Both you and your partner will enjoy a peaceful and tranquil sleeping environment.

Ease of Use: With quick-release clips and an intuitive design, the FP Nova Micro is extremely easy to adjust and remove. This mask is designed to simplify your nightly routine and ensure a perfect fit every time.

Extended Compatibility: The FP Nova Micro is designed to be compatible with all standard CPAP machine models, offering maximum flexibility for all users.

Why Choose the FP Nova Micro?

The FP Nova Micro transforms your sleep apnea treatment experience. With its innovative design and advanced features, it ensures effective therapy while maximizing comfort. Whether you are new to CPAP or looking to upgrade your current equipment, the FP Nova Micro is the ideal choice for a peaceful and restorative night’s sleep.

The Fitpack includes:

  • 1 Fisher & Paykel Nova Micro nasal mask

  • 3 sizes of interchangeable pillow cushions (small, medium, large) for a perfect fit

  • 1 adjustable and comfortable headgear

  • 1 lightweight and flexible frame

  • 1 short and flexible tube for increased freedom of movement

  • 1 detailed user manual