Philips Wisp Silicone | Nasal Mask | 1094050 | CPAP mask

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Type: Nasal mask

Philips - 1094050. The Wisp nasal mask combines the performance and comfort of a nasal mask with the aesthetic elegance of a nasal pillow mask. Thanks to its minimalist design and superior sealing, Wisp provides your patients with the comfort and performance they deserve.

- With its soft and comfortable design, Wisp offers patients better sleep quality than leading nasal pillow and nasal masks on the market. 

- Its compact and comfortable design fits more than 98% of patients. Wisp delivers the performance of a nasal mask with the style of a nasal pillow mask. 

- Thanks to the open field of view, your patients can read, watch TV, and even wear glasses before going to bed. The Wisp harness is easy to adjust with simple clips. 

Included: Cushions (Small/Medium, Large, Extra Large), clear frame, Headgear (Standard), and small breathing tube.

Wisp User Guide

Installation video guide 

Cleaning video guide 


If you or your spouse own any medical devices with metal components, the manufacturer Philips recommends that you discontinue use of your mask.

The magnetic field from the magnets in this mask is too strong and exceeds recommended standards and may cause health damage.

Here is the list of masks affected by this warning:

  • Philips Amara View | Face Mask
  • Philips Dreamwear | Face Mask
  • Philips DreamWisp | Nasal Mask
  • Philips WISP | Nasal Mask

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