ResMed Mirage FX | Nasal Mask | 62103 | 62118 | CPAP mask

$154.00 CAD
Type: Nasal mask

ResMed - 62103, 62118. The ResMed Mirage FX nasal mask offers the perfect balance between comfort, performance, and simplicity. T advanced and lightweight mask delivers maximum comfort while you sleep, thanks to patented cushion technology and a streamlined, low-contact design.

Comfortable: The patented Spring Air dual-wall cushion is gentle on your face, while the ultra-flexible forehead support reduces contact with your skin.

Ease of use: Thanks to our quick-release system, it's easy to detach your mask's air tube and reattach it later. There's no need to remove your mask if you have to get up during the night or if you want to retrieve something across the room.

Soft: The SoftEdge headgear is flexible, breathable, and soft on your skin for greater comfort and better support.

Simple: An intuitive adjustment system makes it easy to achieve a perfect fit on the first try.

Convenient: The Mirage FX has only four parts, so it's simple and quick to disassemble, clean, and reassemble.

Included: Cushion, headgear, and frame.

Mirage FX User Guide

Installation video guide

Cleaning video guide

If you would like to know what size mask you need, please CLICK HERE and print the document