Philips DreamWisp | Nasal Mask (FitPack) | 1137916 | CPAP mask

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Type: Nasal mask

Philips - 1137916. The DreamWisp mask has been designed to help you sleep comfortably at all times. By combining the top-of-the-head tube from DreamWear with the minimal contact nasal cushion from Wisp, the DreamWisp mask offers you the freedom to sleep in your preferred position throughout the night.

  • Thanks to its revolutionary tube located at the top of the head, the DreamWisp mask offers greater freedom of movement by keeping the tube where it won't bother you. You can change positions throughout the night (side, back, or stomach). Users have reported being satisfied with how the mask stays in place during sleep.
  • The DreamWisp mask harness is designed for exceptional comfort. Moreover, this four-point harness is designed to provide optimal stability with fewer parts. The lightweight and soft frame acts as the airflow channel for DreamWisp, meaning fewer parts are in contact with you during your sleep. This allows for comfortable treatment every day.
  • To help you continue your sleep disorder treatment, it needs to be as comfortable as possible. The DreamWisp mask features quick and easy-to-attach magnetic clips, allowing you to put on or take off your mask effortlessly at any time. Users have reported greater satisfaction with the ease of use of the DreamWisp mask.
  • DreamWisp combines the performance of a nasal mask with a minimally invasive design, exceptional sealing, and the comfort of the Wisp cushion technology. Patients are more satisfied with the mask's seal during use.
  • The unique top-of-the-head tube design allows for an unobstructed field of vision. With DreamWisp, you can read, surf the web, or watch TV as you fall asleep.

Included: Cushion (Small, Medium, and Large), headgear, and frame.

DreamWisp User Guide

Installation Video Guide

Cleaning Video Guide (French only)


If you or your spouse own any medical devices with metal components, the manufacturer Philips recommends that you discontinue use of your mask.

The magnetic field from the magnets in this mask is too strong and exceeds recommended standards and may cause health damage.

Here is the list of masks affected by this warning:

  • Philips Amara View | Face Mask
  • Philips Dreamwear | Face Mask
  • Philips DreamWisp | Nasal Mask
  • Philips WISP | Nasal Mask

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