Philips Dreamwear | Nasal Mask (FitPack) | 1116700 | CPAP mask

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Type: Nasal mask

Philips - 1116700. The Dreamwear CPAP Fit Pack is an innovative version of the nasal mask that includes an under-the-nose cushion and a new non-slip strap.

  • Thanks to its circuit placed on the top of the head, the DreamWear mask offers greater freedom of movement during the night. Users have reported that they don’t need to adopt a particular position when wearing it at night. 
  • Its modular design allows for quick assembly and cleaning, with interchangeable cushions available in four sizes. 
  • The DreamWear mask combines comfort and aesthetics: the mask, being light and discreet, is barely noticeable on the face.
  • Soft fabric straps. 
  • Make it pleasant to wear, the soft material allows air circulation and applies gently on the skin. 
  • Designed to prevent red marks, irritation, and discomfort around the nostrils or nasal bridge. Users have indicated that the DreamWear mask is more comfortable than their usual mask. 
  • You can wear your glasses, read, watch TV, use a computer or tablet with ease before falling asleep.

Included: Cushion (Small, Medium, Large, and Medium/Large), headgear (Standard), and frame (Medium).

Dreamwear User Guide

Installation Video Guide

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