ResMed Swift FX for her | Nasal Pillow Mask | 61540 | CPAP mask

$139.00 CAD
Type: Nostril mask

ResMed - 61540. With the ResMed Swift FX for Her, it's easy to forget about your mask and remember what it's like to enjoy a good night's sleep. The Swift FX for Her is specially designed with a fit tailored for women. It offers reliable and effective sleep apnea therapy throughout the night, but its ultra-soft fit and minimalist design contribute to a barely-there feeling.

Comfortable: Minimal contact with the face, soft materials that conform to the contours of your face without leaving marks, and a true sense of freedom - you'll hardly notice you're wearing it. 

Stylish: Smaller pillow sizes and contoured headgear provide a more tailored fit on the smaller facial features of women. Choose from elegant pink or gray minimalist straps. 

Discreet: Soft materials and a sleek design allow you to enjoy the benefits of therapy while feeling and looking like yourself. 

Liberating: Dual-wall pillows and a flexible cushion base ensure maximum comfort, ease of movement, and an effective seal, whether you sleep on your side or your back. 

Premium: The Swift FX for Her delivers stable and reliable therapy across the full range of prescribed pressure settings. 

Easy to Use: The headgear is quick to fit and gently contours to your face. Comfortable, stable, and easy to adjust - you'll find the mask comfortable and easy to put on and take off. 

Advanced: Like all ResMed products, the Swift FX for Her meets strict quality control standards and utilizes cutting-edge technology. 

Included: Headgear (Standard), cushions (Extra Small, Small, Medium), frame, and short tube.

Swift FX for Her User Guide

Video Guide for Installation and Cleaning