Philips Dreamwear Silicone | Nasal Mask (FitPack) | 1146470 | CPAP mask

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Type: Nostril mask

Philips - 1146470. Sleep peacefully with the comfort and freedom of movement provided by the Dreamwear FitPack mask with gel nasal tips. Thanks to the tubing placed on the top of the head, the DreamWear mask with silicone nasal tips offers greater freedom of movement during the night. Users have reported that they do not need to adopt a specific position when wearing it while sleeping. More comfort for the face, nose, and nostrils: soft silicone tubing, minimal contact cushion, and soft silicone nasal tips.

- The unique design of the DreamWear mask directs airflow through the frame, allowing patients to wear glasses, watch TV, and sleep comfortably. The tubing connector located on the top of the head allows patients to sleep in their preferred position – on their stomach, side, or back, without leaving red marks on the nasal bridge. 

- Lighter than our previous generation masks with nasal cushion and top-of-the-head tubing, the nasal cushion is made of soft silicone for increased comfort. In a recent study, patients indicated that the DreamWear masks with silicone nasal cushion were more comfortable than the DreamWear masks with gel nasal cushion and their initially prescribed mask. 

- The DreamWear silicone nasal cushions are designed using advanced 3D facial scanning technology and adapt to different nostril shapes and sizes. The cushions are available in four practical sizes, fitting almost all nose shapes. 

- The stemless, conical design of the silicone nasal cushions provides reliable support and sealing for patients. In a recent study, patients reported that the DreamWear mask with silicone nasal cushion offered better support and seal than the mask initially prescribed to them. 

Included: Cushion (Small and Medium), headgear, and frame (Small and Medium).

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