Fisher & Paykel Vitera | Full face mask | VIT1SU | VIT1MU | VIT1LU | CPAP mask

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Fisher & Paykel - VIT1SU, VIT1MU, VIT1LU. The F&P Vitera full-face mask offers superior comfort with its cushion that conforms to the face, adapting to your movements during the night. This minimizes air leaks towards the eyes and reduces discomfort at the nose bridge. Additionally, the mask features an air-permeable, adjustable harness designed to dissipate heat and moisture, avoiding sensitive areas on the cheeks.

Redefining Comfort :

The success of a CPAP treatment is based on unique and personal comfort. That's why we believe comfort should be measured over a full night's sleep, not just during the initial consultation. Combining technologies to offer stability, adaptability, and air permeability throughout the night, F&P Vitera redefines comfort.

Stay Cool and Comfortable with VentiCool :

Sweating during sleep is a well-known symptom for obstructive sleep apnea patients. The Vitera harness uses a unique breathable fabric that releases 21 times more air and 32% more moisture than the material used in our main range of full-face masks. VentiCool technology ensures patients stay cool and comfortable during sleep.

Freedom of Movement with RollFit XT :

The RollFit XT cushion allows the mask to dynamically adapt to a patient's movements during sleep, reducing pressure on the nose bridge. The RollFit XT cushion covers a surface area 93% larger than the previous RollFit range. Furthermore, its shape is designed to fit a wide range of face shapes and minimize eye leaks.

Stability and Security with Dynamic Support Technology :

The stability bar and RollFit XT cushion provide dynamic stability for a comfortable, solid hold throughout the night.

Included: Headgear, Cushion, and Frame.

Vitera User Guide

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