Philips Dreamwear | Full face Mask (Small and Medium) | 1133375 | 1133376 | 1133377 | 1133378 | CPAP mask

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Philips - 1133375, 1133376, 1133377, 1133378. Sleep peacefully with the comfort and freedom of movement offered by the Dreamwear full-face mask.

-Thanks to its circuit positioned on the top of the head, the DreamWear full-face mask provides greater freedom of movement during the night. Users have reported that they don’t need to adopt a specific position when wearing it at night.

-The innovative cushion placed under the nose helps to avoid red marks, irritation, and discomfort on the nasal bridge. Having an unobstructed field of vision allows you to wear glasses, read, watch TV, and use a computer or tablet with ease before sleeping.

-The soft and flexible tubing ensures optimal comfort throughout the night. Users have stated that they forget they are wearing the mask.

-Its modular design allows users to choose the cushion that best fits them while maintaining a single tubing system.

-The reduced number of parts simplifies assembly, disassembly, and cleaning.

Included: Cushion, Headgear, and Frame.

Dreamwear User Guide

Installation Video Guide

Cleaning Video Guide


If you or your spouse own any medical devices with metal components, the manufacturer Philips recommends that you discontinue use of your mask.

The magnetic field from the magnets in this mask is too strong and exceeds recommended standards and may cause health damage.

Here is the list of masks affected by this warning:

  • Philips Amara View | Face Mask
  • Philips Dreamwear | Face Mask
  • Philips DreamWisp | Nasal Mask
  • Philips WISP | Nasal Mask

Philips Respironics alerts customers