Mon masque à plus d’un an, est-il encore bon ?

My mask is over a year old, is it still good?

My mask is over a year old, is it still good?

Hypothetical, but plausible question:

Aie aie aie ! It needs to be changed, it's starting to get old! We often think, wrongly, that if the mask doesn't fall apart, it’s still good, like an old pair of lucky underpants that we kept for too long, but it is a little more complex than that. The problem is that over time, mold grows in the mask that is not noticeable to the naked eye and is resistant to soap. This problem can affect your health.

To keep your CPAP working for you, the manufacturers suggest changing your mask every 6 months, as long as you clean it at least once a week with a mild soap. For the tubing, we’re talking about a change every 12 months.

Likewise, you may not be happy to learn that it’s not a very good idea to keep all your old masks so you can use them on your retirement day; those fungi have probably taken up residence in your masks and, for the sake of your health, we suggest that you throw them away.

See you soon,
Dan from the CPAP Innovation Team

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