LE FABULEUX F20 (une grosse doudou)

THE FABULOUS F20 (a big cuddly)

THE FABULOUS F20 (a big cuddly)

Hi! I'm Daniel, the marketing manager at Innovation CPAP. First of all, I want to clarify that I am not a respiratory therapist, but I have been sleeping with a CPAP every night for over 15 years and have had the chance to test almost all existing masks. I would like to share with you my personal appreciation of the masks we offer.

I'll start with my favorite, the AirFit F20 by ResMed. Being a rather burly man with a Santa Claus-like face, I have a preference for full-face masks. The F20 is probably the best full-face mask on the market and in my opinion, one of the safest choices if you are starting your treatment.

I often compare this mask to a big cuddly because it is comfortable and requires no particular effort for adjustment. It is perfect for allergy seasons, colds, and flu. Moreover, if a full-face mask is not your first choice and you opt for a nasal or nasal pillow mask, I strongly recommend getting an F20 to keep as a backup for the situations I just listed.

Personally, I alternate between two masks: the AirFit F20 and the AirFit N20. I use the latter during heatwaves or when I travel with my AirMini from ResMed, even though the F20 is compatible with the travel CPAP. When I want more comfort, I sometimes use an AirTouch membrane with its memory foam, which is compatible with my AirFit mask. However, I must admit that the lifespan of AirTouch membranes (30 days) is my only concern, compared to 90 days for an AirFit. Indeed, there is a lifespan for your mask's membranes, and if they are not changed often enough, they can cause health problems, even if you wash your mask every day.
For the AirTouch F20, it is important to know that the membrane is not designed in exactly the same way. The plastic part at the top of the membrane is more rigid and may not suit some facial structures.
If you are considering switching to the F20, I recommend that you first take measurements using ResMed's online template. I'll provide the link, but you can find it in the description of all ResMed masks:

fitting guide

I also present to you the list of older generation masks that you can replace with this mask. Some masks on this list may eventually be phased out:

ResMed AirFit F10
ResMed Quattro Air
ResMed Quattro FX
ResMed Mirage Quattro
Philips Amara
Fisher & Paykel Simplus

In conclusion, I highly recommend this mask, as it represents a sure value. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Best regards,
Daniel from the Innovation CPAP team
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